Hi Svenska skolan families! I was honored to photograph many of the students of Svenska Skolan on March 11th! I am so excited for you all to see your kiddos photos. I had so much fun and your kids are so sweet and adorable! 

To view your child's photos click on the GALLERY button further down on this page. Once you enter, find the folder with your child's last name. Siblings will be in the same folder. The password is your child's birthday month and day. So if they were born on January 31st it would be 0131.  If you have more than one child it will be the youngest child that attends Svenska Skolan. If the birthdate was not provided to Svenska Skolan you will receive a separate email with your personal password. Email Lotta Cooper at lotta@lottacooperphoto.com if you have any trouble to enter your child's gallery. You can order prints, canvases and digital files from the gallery. You don't need to add all the images into your cart in order to purchase all the digitals, one is enough and you will get them all.  NOTE: If you have two children or more and you want to purchase all the digital files you also need to purchase the "sibling add on" in addition to "all album photos". Thank you! 


Only digital orders can be placed after this date. 


  1. Click the gallery button below to enter the galleries. 
  2. Click "open gallery"
  3. Enter your email address.  (you will only receive emails in regards to ordering from this gallery)
  4. Find your child's last name and fill in your password to enter
  5. Click the photo you want to purchase. You will then get a window with the different options of products in different tabs. 
  6. Fill out the quantity and you can view cart to start checkout or choose to click to buy another item.  
  7. If you purchase digital files you have the option to purchase all or single images. It is enough to have only one image in the cart and select "buy all" in order to get them all. Please purchase the sibling add on if you have more than one child. 
  8. There are also a retouching option. I will then switch out your photos manually after they have been retouched so do not order digitals until after I let you know that they are finished. Don't forget to let me know what you would like me to fixed on the photos. (skin smoothing, rash removal, wrinkle reduction is available) There will be a "notes to studio" option on the checkout page where you can fill out this information. 
  9. If you want to purchase a 4 image collage you can simply add the 4 images as favorites in the gallery or you can fill out the image numbers on the "notes to studio" on the checkout page.
  10. If you are ready to checkout fill in your information and the photos will be delivered to Svenska Skolan on April 22nd, 2018. 

Since I loved these photos so much I would be very happy if you would let me use your child's photos for promotional use on my website, social media and printed promotional products. They will of course be anonymous.  Many thanks in advance!

Fill out the form below to give me permission.  

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