I loved these photos so much so I would LOVE to share them on my website, social media and printed promotional items. If you allow me, please scroll down and fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

High resolution digital files can be downloaded directly from this gallery. If you want to post on social media, please download Social Media files which have a watermark and the correct resolution for that media and I appreciate photo credit! Altering of the photos is not allowed, like filters or cropping.

Super nice matte prints and canvases can be purchased, you can choose to ship to me for free (I will then meet you and deliver your prints) or directly from my professional lab for a shipping cost. 

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Since I loved these photos so much I would be very happy if you would let me use your child's photos for promotional use on my website, social media and printed promotional products. They will of course be anonymous.  Many thanks in advance!

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